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metrigo’s heart works at 6 million beats per minute

Developed in-house, the heart of metrigo is our Real Time Advertising platform, which brings together all of the important components for efficient display campaigns:

  • Data management to process countless pieces of information and data points.
  • Lightning-fast algorithms to calculate bidding strategies in real time – one hundred thousand times a second.
  • Robust ad-serving for quick and optimized delivery of ad media.
  • Easy-to-use reporting and campaign management tools that provide deep insights into the campaign.











Technology made in Germany

An in-house product as the factor for success

Have you ever sent a feature request to your service provider in Silicon Valley? If so, how long did it take to get it done or was it never done at all? We very strongly believe in our proprietary technology platform conceived and developed in-house that allows us to set our own priorities and to react quickly and flexibly to our customers' needs and the experience gained from the campaigns. We are inquisitive, agile and we continuously develop the product on behalf of our customers to improve it every day.

We can hardly keep up with all the verbal superlatives our competitors from overseas are coming up with. We don’t intend to do so either, focusing on performance instead. We are always able to customize our solutions to the needs of our customers and to offer more than just off-the-shelf solutions.

Data management platform

Real time analysis of countless data points

The performance of our optimization algorithm is based on the processing of a myriad of different data points and parameters that have to be processed, analyzed and linked within milliseconds. No matter if it’s time, CRM scores, customer journey positions, interest data or previously purchased products: Data from a variety of sources can be imported and processed in order to make better decisions in real time. Through our cooperation with zanox, Europe's leading performance network, we have access to a large reservoir of exclusive and accurate interest and intent data. At metrigo data is accessed and processed in a completely anonymized manner in line with existing privacy protection laws.


Granular targeting

Reduction of wastage

By means of numerous targeting options, we gradually narrow down the millions of unique users our network reaches to those segments that, according to our calculations, have either a long-term interest or a short-term need for the advertised products. To do this, we use machine learning methods, look-alike modeling and statistically valid estimates of user behavior in order to generate valid predictions. Our algorithm automatically processes first, second and third-party data in real time to appropriately weight the various factors influencing the campaign and to make accurate predictions.

Our targeting is dedicated to achieve high efficiency; however, it is important not to lose sight of the big picture. This is why we strategically give our algorithm a bit of a free reign to learn about new user segments and behaviours.

Dynamic creatives

Personalized offers for your users

Personalized banners put together from product recommendations are currently considered a standard in retargeting – even for metrigo. But the potential is far from exhausted here. New customer campaigns can also be enriched with personalized information, such as location, time or advertising environment. Our dynamic HTML 5 ad tool is ready for your ideas. The results are better click through rates, greater engagement and more transactions.


Multi-target optimization model

Not one, but multiple targets.

We are big fans of a clear focus, but sometimes there is more than just one marketing objective to achieve. Competitive CPA and higher engagement per user? Lots of newsletter registrations and “likes” on Facebook, too? That’s no problem at all. Our weighted revenue model enables us to track all of the relevant events on your pages, weight them accordingly, and optimize them for your maximum ROI. So, we don’t have just one target in mind: overall marketing success.