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Efficient Display
Advertising, Made in

metrigo isn’t just any Real Time Bidding platform or some kind of Ad Network 2.0 on which you can buy cheap unsold inventory. For the first time, the new technical possibilities of real time marketplaces allow marketing decisions to be based on impressions and not by means of hypothetical target groups or contexts. Thus, RTB forms the technical basis upon which we build flexible and customized solutions for intelligent and highly-personalized digital marketing strategies.

















Efficiently identifying and converting new customers

Currently, search and retargeting are certainly the drivers of efficiency in online marketing, but they primarily pick up consumers with an existing intent to buy. metrigo develops its prospecting solutions with a clear focus on acquainting new consumers with our customers' products and targeting them with the appropriate messages. The objective: The generation of new intent, additional demand and more transactions. Of course, we also have a state-of-the-art retargeting solution and can thus offer the complete display advertising package from a single source.

The push approach of display advertising helps gain market share and not just target users who are already customers. This is becoming more efficiently possible with Real Time Advertising.

Performance focus

More performance for your budget!

metrigo doesn’t make its argument using brand building or awareness effects. It instead sees itself clearly committed to specific quantitative marketing objectives. We make performance measureable and tangible, whether CPC, CPL, CPO, ROI, engagement or individual key performance indicators and attribution models. Reaching your goal is our goal!


Transparency & insights

Become smarter from detailed insights and learnings.

Blind networks and black boxes? Not anymore! Marketers want to become smarter and no longer depend on the dominance of knowledge of their service providers and agencies. Transparency is an important part of our DNA and already begins with the first setup meeting. Our pricing: transparent! Reporting: a login for all customers with options to analyze all of the campaign’s influencing factors and drivers of success. Anything else? Call your account manager. We’ll explain it to you.

Exclusive data sources

Our data makes the difference!

Our decision engines and algorithms are driven by numerous data points of diverse origin. First party, third party, time, city, etc. So far nothing new. But beyond this, our partnership with zanox, Europe’s leading performance network, gives us access to exclusive, accurate and always up-to-date performance data on a large scale. And our integration with leading tracking suppliers allows us to perform cross-channel optimization of attribution models.

We believe less in the data of big marketplaces than in individual data sources for each customer. In our workshop at the start of the campaign we develop ideas for this together.


Premium Traffic

Inventory matters!

Via user-based bidding strategies, Real Time Advertising will make it possible to target the right user at the right time at the best price, regardless of context. However, this doesn’t mean that the URL no longer plays any role. From close partnerships with all relevant SSPs and ad exchanges, metrigo has full inventory coverage and also maintains close relationships with all major providers of premium inventory. We develop custom traffic planning for each customer, including whitelisting and blacklisting.

Full service

The human factor

In the technological arms race currently taking place on all the blogs and at all the conferences, one thing is often overlooked: the power of the human brain and common sense. Sure, even we argue with lightning-fast algorithms, QPS and self-learning machines, but it's important to us that your campaign is supported and controlled by a real person. Our team of account managers is there for you with its broad marketing expertise; from the first introductory conversation to the regular analysis and discussion of your results.


Customized solutions

Custom KPIs

Our customers set individual goals that frequently go beyond CTR, CPC and CPX. Together with you we define a set of target values for the campaign and implement them. On our dashboard we can show KPIs of various kinds and prepare them for reports. Engagement rates, micro conversions and ROI, for example. This makes the value added by your display campaign even more transparent.